Our shredder machine have been reengineered, and redesigned to be more performant and to allow everybody to use it. It is safe and easy to use.
Throw your bottle and collect the flakes down the machin.
The opening system protect your hands to be in contact with the inner part of the chamber. The blades and the knifes have been redimensiond, the chamber is bigger, the cut is faster. The machine design is made for the public at large, and not so high and not so cumbersome.
Thanks to the top window you can watch the process of shredding very satisfying to watch.




HARVEST Our bamboo suppliers are located in Bali, nearby EWABI’s workshop. Finding the right bamboo is crucial, that is why they are providing us a bamboo with nice shapes, beautiful appearances and a certain level of thickness.
DRYING After cutting it at the right size, we send our bamboo to PT Bamboo pure, a factory specialized in bamboo treatment. After the borax treatment, the bamboo tubes are dried in our solar oven for about three weeks. This long process create the durability of our bamboo.
RAW FIBER To get resistant bicycles, the ties between bamboo and aluminum are wrapped with a mix of rami (natural fiber), resin and hardener. Once the resin dried, we obtain a nice and tough bamboo frame, ready for every situation.