Our shredder machine have been reengineered, and redesigned to be more performant and to allow everybody to use it. It is safe and easy to use.
Throw your bottle and collect the flakes down the machin.
The opening system protect your hands to be in contact with the inner part of the chamber. The blades and the knifes have been redimensiond, the chamber is bigger, the cut is faster. The machine design is made for the public at large, and not so high and not so cumbersome.
Thanks to the top window you can watch the process of shredding very satisfying to watch.




The compression machine consists of an electric kitchen oven to heat the plastic and a carjack to apply pressure to the mould.
The process is generally slower than the other machines but it allows for bigger objects to be crafted.
This machine can also be used to create new raw material like big sheets of plastic that can be further worked on to make new products.
When mixing different coloured plastic, the compression machine gives a specific flake-like look to plastic that can be used to your advantage



The injection machines is a rather fast machine that allows for productions of very precise objects.
Moulds can be slightly harder to make but once you have a good mould you will be amazed by the products you can make.
The injection machine can usually make smaller objects depending on the barrel’s volume but operates at faster speed and with high precision.
The output colour is often unpredictable when mixing colours in the barrel allowing for surprising patterns that can add to the beauty of your products.



Electrical motor bikes

Bali is a very air polluted island, the traffic being one of the main reason.
A transition is needed from the diesel-powered scooter to the electrical ones. We build electrical scooter on demand.
From the power to shape and color, you can have your own scooter made to measure.
Feel free to concact us and talk about it.






Tell us what you need and we will build it !

Before we specialised in plastic recycling and electric bikes, Wedoo was a Workshop. In other words, manual work is our speciality.
We know how to work metal, woods and plastic and build your envies.
At our workshop we have all the knowledge and tools to build your project as fast as possible and make it our priority. Your can ask us anything to built, we have the electronic and manual skills required.
We have helped client in many projects : advertisment, decoration, workbench, renovation, etc.
Choose Wedoo!


  Check out our partner


Bali3dprinting is a balinese company specialized in 3d printing.
We have been working with them on many successful projects, that is why we strongly recommended this company.
You can find them on Facebook by following this link